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An increased differentiation may be the solution in order to raise a company´s
own profile. Focusing on niches which showcase its own strengths changes the
access to interesting markets. A change of business models such as
"Unbundling" or "Bundling" adapts the price and tariff structure to the changed
market conditions..
This increased digitalization also presents new opportunities. On the
procurement side, early indicators are received to optimally organize the
availability of goods, the selection of merchandise and the merchandise
portfolio. This increases the speed and quality of the supply chain. As far as the
markets and the customers are concerned, new forms of distribution develop out
of the stationary and digital offer. A proper mix and agility are crucial.
With Industry 4.0 an interconnection of all relevant factors is accomplished in real time to optimize added value. It is essential to make
this information available where it can be interpreted.
Complexity implies new opportunities and potentials
which need to be oriented mainly towards productivity.