Technological change has an increasingly rapid influence on the general conditions and functionalities which determine the economy. This means that it is evermore difficult for companies to clearly see which roads lead safely into the future. The challenge consists in not only having the right solutions, but also in marketing and implementing them in a timely manner.

It is crucial to accurately select those resources available to the companies which optimally turn the opportunities into a corporate success.

Market segments: Services · Commerce · Industry

Strong international competitive pressure changes the markets for services at a barely comprehensible pace. New technologies create transparencies, which progressively increase the comparability and cost pressures. Traditional business models have to assert themselves, the markets fluctuate and margin erosions are the result.

Digitalization speeds up processes and procedures at all levels and channels. This development is looking for new approaches. The demographic trend means that talent is becoming increasingly scarce.

The individualization of customer demands up to a batch size 1 which deactivates classical laws such as “economies of scale“. The growing global competition becomes a permanent challenge for companies in high-wage locations. Industry 4.0 shapes new opportunities in an unprecedented form.

Innovation management is a question of survival.